Lab Alumnae

Students that Dr. Kennedy has chaired for a thesis or dissertation


Alexandra Merletti

Makaylen Tadeo


Carolyn Willis (Ph.D.) Offender reintegration in Nevada: A longitudinal study focusing on transitional challenges, reentry capital, & recidivism

Kaitlyn Swanberg (M.A.) Supervision in the digital age: Online sexual solicitation of children and youth.

Hannah Barti (M.A.) Finish this over drinks? A study of sexual harassment perceptions.

Kevin Hoover (M.A.). Coercive sexuality: The effect of early victimization on one’s views and attitudes toward sex.


Alexa (Elena) Bejinariu (Ph.D.) Commercial sexual exploitation: A survey of the knowledge, concerns, and training of transit personnel in Las Vegas, Nevada

Christie Ra (M.A.) Missed opportunities: The effect of CPS involvement on trafficking victims in the delinquency system

Marissa Tiemann (M.A.) What happens in Vegas: The influence of Las Vegas on high-risk attitudes and behaviors


Kelly Stout (Ph.D.) Missed Opportunities: The effect of CPS involvement on trafficking victims in the delinquency system.


Shon Reed (M.A.) Boys to men: Victimization, Masculinity and Offending.


Carolyn Willis (M.A.) Attitudes and perceptions toward sex tourism in Las Vegas

Emily Reed (M.A.) Physical child abuse and racial bias


Shauna Davis (Ph.D.) Sexual assault detectives justifications for aggressive victim interviewing methods: A qualitative study : Davis2013SADetectives

Kelly Stout (M.A.) Perceptions of Police Response to Domestic Violence: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, ProQuest, UMI Dissertations Publishing, 2013. 1543295



Job Birds (M.A.) Sexual harassment in Las Vegas (UNLV Paper 1543)

Mark Valentin (M.A.) Troubled Youth: Girls in Gangs (UNLV Paper 1640)


Chrystal Ruggieri (M.A.) Child Advocacy Centers and child sexual abuse in Nevada (UNLV Paper 923)


Lisa Dooley (M.A.) An examination of the relationship between the hypersexual environment of Las Vegas and forcible rape (UNLV Paper 8)

Brian Brehman (M.A.) Factors influencing attitudes toward prostitution (UNLV Paper 217)

Alanna Robinson (M.A.) Characteristics of adolescent females exploited through prostitution (UNLV Paper 323)


Debra Cochrane (M.A.) Attitudes towards Megan’s law applying to juveniles

Brittnie Watkins (M.A.) Race and certification of juveniles in Clark County


Angela Cook (M.A.) Stalking and intimate partner violence in Nevada

Angela Lok (M.A.) Asian massage parlors in Clark County

Melanie Taylor (M.A.) Victimization on social networking sites


Krystal Letourneau (M.A.) Attitudes toward human trafficking in Nevada

Joey Nicole Pucci (M.A.) Preliminary validation of an attitudes toward prostitution scale