CSEC & delinquency involved girls

The LSI lab continues to collect data on girls involved in the delinquency system. Of particular interest are the high rates of abuse among commercially sexually exploited children (CSEC). Publications have focused on the needs of girls involved in the Juvenile Delinquency System.


Recent Reports and Publications

Fast Facts 2017 – Clark County: 2017 CSEC Fast Facts

Fast Facts 2016  – Clark County: 2016 CSEC Fast Facts

Fast Facts 2015 – Clark County: 2015 CSEC Fast Facts

Fast Facts 2014 – Clark County: 2014 CSEC Fast Facts

Fast Facts 2013 – Clark County: 2013 CSEC Fast Facts

Girls Needs Assessment, Caliente 2018: Caliente Girls Needs Assessment 5.18

Girls Needs Assessment,Clark County 2014: Needs Assessment April 2014

Girls Needs Assessment, Clark County 2009: Girls Report NIC 2009

Warning signs article in Paradigm published by UnityPoint Health Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery: High risk behaviors among sexually exploited youth (pages 4-5) ParadigmIssue18.3




Reed, S. M., Kennedy, M. A., Decker, M. R., & Cimino, A. N. (2019). Friends, family, and boyfriends: An analysis of relationship pathways into commercial sexual exploitation. Child abuse & neglect90, 1-12.

Cimino, A. N., Madden, E. E., Hohn, K., Cronley, C. M., Davis, J. B., Magruder, K., & Kennedy, M. A. (2017). Childhood maltreatment and child protective services involvement among the commercially sexually exploited: A comparison of women who enter as juveniles or as adults. Journal of child sexual abuse26(3), 352-371.