Dr. Kennedy awarded the UNLV Community Based Research Award

Dr. Kennedy was awarded the 2018 UNLV Community Based Research Award by the Community of Office Engagement for her research with survivors of human trafficking. This award recognizes research that partners with the Las Vegas community and is designed to solve community problems. https://www.unlv.edu/news-story/unlv-s-2018-community-based-research-award-recipient-studies-victims-human-trafficking


#VegasLove   Residents of Las Vegas who travel often hear the question “People live there?” Yes, we may be a city of 2 million, but we really are a town with strong inter-connectedness. There is NO ONE in Las Vegas who doesn’t know someone who was at the concert, working at the event or responded […]

Eye showing behind hairResearch on traumatic bonds and teens – Clark County School District Presentation, Valentine’s Day 2014. Attendees can request a copy of the presentation from alexis.kennedy@unlv.edu